"How 'Jawan' and SRK Conquered the Movie World!" now streaming on Netflix's Top 10


Hope you all heard about the amazing movie called "Jawan"? It's a super cool film starring the one and only Shah Rukh Khan, who is a big superstar in Bollywood. This movie has done something really awesome – it's become the fifth highest-grossing Indian movie ever! Can you believe it made around $140 million worldwide? That's a lot of money!

Guess what? The movie has an extended version, like an extra special cut, and it's now on Netflix. And get this – it's not just on Netflix, it's actually on the Top 10 list for movies that aren't in English, at number 3! That's so cool, right? Loads of people are watching it. There have been about 3.7 million viewers who've watched it, and together, they've spent a total of 10.6 million hours enjoying the movie. That's like watching it over and over again a LOT of times!

Shah Rukh Khan is becoming even more famous because of this movie. In just the second week after its release, "Jawan" jumped up the charts from number 4 to number 3. People really love this movie, and it's making Shah Rukh Khan even more of a superstar.

Isn't that exciting? It's amazing to see how much people are loving this movie and how much success Shah Rukh Khan is having!

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