Good News for Hollywood: Actors' Strike Ends, Movies and Shows Set to Resume


Actors in Hollywood went on strike because they wanted better pay and protection from artificial intelligence (AI). After talking a lot, they made a plan with the big studios to end the strike. This means the actors can go back to work on Thursday, November 9, if the plan gets approved. The strike lasted for 117 days.

For actors, this is good news. They can start working again and talk about their movies and shows. This is important for big movies like The Marvels, Trolls Band Together, and Disney's special animated movie Wish because now they can tell more people about these movies.

Some shows and movies that stopped because of the strike might start again. Shows like Stranger Things season 5 and movies like Dune: Part Two, Snow White, and Deadpool 3 could come back or change when they come out.

This is also good for TV shows coming next year. Some shows can start making episodes sooner and might have shorter seasons. Hollywood is expected to start making more movies and TV shows quickly after this plan, which is good for everyone who likes movies and shows.

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