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You will feel my power: Nithyananda New Post

 June. 21 - Samiyar Nithyananda spread various information on social media about his health problems. Following this he posted on his official website page that I am not dead, I am in a state of samadhi. Controversy over his health has not abated since then. In this regard, he said in a new post: - When I was in Savikalpa Samadhi, great truths were happening to me about the intentional manifestation of Kailash on this planet. Patience is the most powerful strategy for winning the moral battle that is often called life.

If you had the strength to be patient you would have avoided many of the problems you are struggling with right now if you look inward. True superficial mutation and transcendental consciousness occurs all over the world through Nirvakalpa Samadhi and unbridled practice. Nirvakalpa Samadhi brings tremendous potential to expand and expand your vision. Being patient is the greatest blessing I have received from Lord Shiva. Too often people commit foolish acts out of restlessness, anger and violence. And react to the nonsense of others.

I have seen many times in my own experience that patience makes hostile situations and negative people irrelevant in our lives. You will soon realize how powerful my patience is. With my patience I am developing a clear energetic strategy for better spiritual growth in Kailash. When you are patient the timekeeper will remove most of the problems that do not need to be reacted to. All I want to say to my disciples is that patience is one of the most powerful strategies to manifest within you. I have used patience many times to succeed in this dharma warring life. Thus it is said.

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