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Reasons for Teenage Depression

Heredity: It’s all in the genes

  • If it is in your genes to be prone to depression, you will more likely be depressed at the smallest of incidences. Depression however is not just partial setback of moods. Some people have their genetics such built that they are more susceptible to being depressed. So if your parent or some close relative has previously been depressed, you are more likely to tread in too. But keep your guards up and never pass off depression as a mere temporal happening to make sure it does not take its toll on you.

Feeling of being neglected

  • You might have been incredibly independent but there is always a certain dependency that everyone needs to have on others. Even if you have far escalated from the dependence of financial sustenance or domestic shelter from your parents, certain emotional needs from every one you are close to can cause a major setback of being neglected. It is then a major cause of depression to face the loneliness that believes you to be unwanted and uncared for. There is nothing that gains you attention, and within you dwell in the void of depression. A major cause for all teenagers to seek solace in company of outsiders or friends but even that does not help fully recover from the depression created by neglecting nature of family.

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