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Start up of The Universe

  • Starting time of the Universe was a hot and dense ball of radiation energy.

  • In one-thousandth of a second, tiny radiation particles produced tiny particles of matter. These combined to form the first ever chemical elements, hydrogen and helium.

  • Some regions of the young Universe contained slightly more hydrogen and helium than others. These shrank to form the first stars.

  • Nuclear reactions inside the stars produced many other chemical elements, including carbon and oxygen.

  • The elements in the Universe today were produced from elements created in the Big Bang.

  • The term "Big Bang" was coined by Fred Hoyle in 1950 to illustrate to his radio listeners the difference between it and his own theory,"Steady State", where the universe has no beginning.

  • In the first trillionth of a second of its creation, the temperature of the Universe was ten billion trillion trillion degree Celsius.

  • The Universe is expanding by about 70 km (43 miles) every second.

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